Faculty Development Funds Guidelines

The Faculty Development and Evaluation Committee oversees the budget allocated to this committee that is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities to faculty that will enrich and advance the faculty’s contribution to Southwest’s mission. All requests should be submitted in the most cost effective manner in order to provide the maximum opportunity to all faculty. The FDEC has three prioritized levels of funding for faculty development:

  1. college-wide programs
  2. departmental projects
  3. individual projects

College-Wide and Departmental Programs

College-wide programming is the foremost funding priority. College-wide and/or departmental programs are programs that enhance the quality and expertise of many faculty at Southwest or programs, which advance the quality and expertise of a specified group of faculty. In order to apply for faculty development funds for college-wide projects or departmental projects, the following information is needed:

  1. A description of the proposed program
  2. A resume of the presenter or resource team
  3. An indication of program dates (whether fixed or flexible) and program duration
  4. A listing of facilities requirements
  5. An estimated budget
    1. Presenter fees or stipends
    2. Travel/lodging costs
    3. Other event costs

Individual Projects

Individual development activities may be approved for funding under specific criteria. An important criteria for individual development activities is that the product of such development activities will be either replicable or of added value to other Southwest faculty. Individual Applications should include the following:

  1. FDEC Application signed by department chair
  2. Single Trip Authorization Form with department chair and dean’s signatures
  3. Professional Leave Request/ Arrangement for Class coverage
  4. Program documentation which includes:
    1. Program description
    2. Room reservation information, if needed
    3. Airfare, if needed
    4. Other expenses such as registration fees (seek funding from department/division), cab or other transportation requirements, meals (if not included), etc.
  5. Statement of support from department chair and/or dean

Important Items to Remember

  • Individual development activities should first be presented to the appropriate department chair and/or dean for approval.
  • If department and/or division funds are not available to fully subsidize the request and the request involves travel, complete the Single Trip Authorization Form and obtain approval from the chair/dean.
  • A statement signed by the chair/dean explaining the program/department/division’s support of the travel in spite of the lack of funds to fully finance the request should be submitted.
  • Use the guidelines below and submit the completed application, with the single trip travel authorization, support letter from the chair/dean, and the program documentation to the FDEC verifying that such funds are not available within the department or division budget
  • For out of state travel, the completed documentation should be received by the chair of the FDEC by the 15th of the month no less than two (2) months prior to the first date of travel.
  • For in state travel, the completed documentation should be received by the 15th of the month no less than one (1) month prior to the first date of travel.
  • For prepayment of airfare, you must obtain a travel authorization (TA) number from Purchasing. Purchasing will email you the TA number once your application has been approved by the FDEC committee, the Provost, and the President. Once you receive the TA number, you need to contact Travelennium at 678-3204 to make your flight reservations.
  • For information on government approved rates on room rates and meals, use the following link: http://www.gsa.gov/perdiem

Application Information Needed:

In order to apply for faculty development funds for individual development activities, the following information is needed:

  1. A description of the proposed program
    1. How will this experience benefit you and Southwest?
    2. How do you expect to implement the results of this experience?
    3. Does this relate to your Faculty Development Plan? If so, how?
  2. An estimated budget for the program
    1. Registration fees
    2. Transportation and lodging/meals
    3. Educational materials
    4. Other
  3. Dates and location of the program
  4. Deadlines applicable to the program

Criteria Used by FDEC Committee:

The following statements are issues that may be taken into consideration by the committee when evaluating requests for FDEC funds. The list is not intended to be exclusive or exhaustive, nor should these statements be interpreted as guarantees that funds will or will not be approved.

  1. Funds will not be approved for travel by adjunct or part-time faculty members.
  2. Preferences will be given to those requests that are supported by the program/department/ division. That support may be shown through financial or other means
  3. Preferences will be given to those requests submitted by faculty members who are presenting papers or other materials and/or information or are accepting awards at a conference or seminar.
  4. Previous requests for funds by an individual faculty member within the same academic year may influence the committee’s approval or rejection of subsequent requests from that same faculty member.
  5. Previous or multiple requests from a program, department, and/or division within the same academic year may influence the committee’s approval or rejection of subsequent requests from faculty members in the same program, department, and/or division.
  6. All anticipated expenses should be set out in the application, including such expenses as cab fees, room taxes, rental car fees, parking, and internet access fees.
  7. A state vehicle should be used if one is available. State cars must be reserved through Physical Plant. Preferences will be given to requests using state vehicles.
  8. Faculty members who live in Shelby County will not be reimbursed for airport parking fees for flights departing from Memphis International Airport.
  9. Funds will not be provided by the committee to pay professional dues for faculty members or to subscribe to professional publications.
  10. Funds will not be provided to faculty members for travel, registration, or other expenses related to attendance at seminars or conferences solely to obtain continuing education credits necessary to maintain professional licenses or certifications.

Individual development activities and group projects are not approved until the individual receives a written confirmation. Permission to proceed with a project is not allowed until a written approval is received and a funded amount is indicated. Faculty members who choose to pay registration fees, purchase airline tickets or other modes of transportation, or otherwise incur expenses related to the travel request prior to receiving a response from the committee assume the risk that the request may be rejected or may only be partially funded.

The faculty member agrees to complete and submit the travel claim form for reimbursement within thirty (30) days after the date of return. The Center for Faculty Development will contact you to arrange appropriate means of disseminating information relating to this development activity within 30 days of completion of activity.