PowerPoint (Learning to Teach Online)

The (Learning to Teach Online) material is presented in PowerPoint format. Read about the different types of formats that can be used to view the presentation. Then select the format best suited from the Presentation heading located at the bottom of the page.


Accessible Format (HTML)

This is a text-based version of the PowerPoint that provides alternate text descriptions for all images and charts that contain important information. Images that are purely decorative in nature have not been described. Users of screen reading software (like JAWS or WindowEyes) or reader browsers (like IBM Homepage Reader) will find this version useful.

Java Format (Requires Java)

This is a compressed version of the PowerPoint that maintains all of the transitions and animations. Java must be installed to view the presentation in this format. This format is ideal for students who are accessing the course via a dial-up connection.

Java Downloads for All Operating Systems (opens in a new window)

Downloadable Format (.ppt file)

This is the original PowerPoint (.ppt) file. To view this format, PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer 2007 must be installed on the computer. PowerPoint is not a free software. If PowerPoint is not a viable solution visit the link below to download the PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

PowerPoint Viewer 2007 (opens in a new window) - for PowerPoint presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions.


Learning to Teach Online