Distance Education Course Offerings

The list of online courses and split/hybrid courses contain links to the course syllabus, PAWS login and instructor email. For each of the course types listed below, students access the courses via the Internet by logging into the course site.

Online Learning

Online Courses

An online course is conducted via the Internet with no on-campus instruction and no on-campus classroom time, but may utilize online or proctored testing. Students access course material online and follow instructions provided by an instructor. Courses may be structured so that students work independently or may involve significant interaction among students. Most courses have set schedules and due dates. Southwest online courses are identified by a section beginning with 'L'
(Example: ACAD-1100-L01).

If your online course has a section beginning with 'R', it is an TN eCampus course. See the TN eCampus information below. View the online courses.

Split Courses

A split course is a blend of face-to-face instruction with online learning. These courses are also known as hybrid or blended courses due to the nature of the learning environment. In a split course, a significant part of the course learning is online and as a result, the amount of classroom time is reduced but not eliminated. This allows coursework to be scheduled flexibly, promotes independent learning and decreases time spent commuting. Southwest split courses are identified by a section that includes 'H' (Example: ACCT-1010-1H1). View the split courses.

FLEX Courses

A Flex (Faster Learning EXperience) course starts later in the semester than a traditional course.  Flex courses are offered in traditional, online and split/hybrid formats.  View the FLEX courses.

TN eCampus Courses

The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) offers courses statewide through the TN eCampus. All the institutions are fully accredited. Courses completed in the Regents Online Degree Programs are entirely online and transferable among all the participating institutions. Students are able to choose the college or university (home school) for their admission, registration, and the award of their degree.

Course sections are designated with an 'R' (Example: GEOG-2010-R50). Course fees and schedules vary, so be sure to check for current information.

Your TN eCampus Student Campus Liaison for Southwest is:

Karla Blume
(901) 333-4073

More information about TN eCampus courses through Southwest