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Welcome to the Faculty Advising Website! This site provides resources for faculty advising.

News and important notices


Learning Support and AdvisorTrac

Support information for interpreting Learning Support Competencies as they appear in AdvisorTrac.

Learning Support documentation

Flowcharts are available to help understand how a student moves through learning support coursework.

Mandatory Avising Nuts and Bolts

Reaching out to students

If you would like to send your advisees an e-mail encouraging them to see you, Here is a sample e-mail you should feel free to use or modify as suits you.


Financial Aid and SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)

  • Students may come seeking an Academic Plan required for their SAP Appeal. This means that the student has not met the Federal Financial Aid guidelines for Satisfactory Academic Progess, has completed an appeal and now needs an academic plan from their advisor to continue to be eligible to receive financial aid. This form should list the courses the advisor reccomends the student take this Fall.

  • For more detalied information regarding financial aid and SAP, read more.


Catalog support

What are the "current" catalog years that  a student intending to graduate Fall 2012 or Spring 2013?

Remember that the student must have been enrolled during at least one semester for that catalog year (Fall, Spring, Summer).



2013-2014 2012-2013





Training Resources

AdvisorTrac - Printable directions and online videos for various AdvisorTrac functions.

 Online Registration Guide - Printable step-by-step directions for online registration to give students

The FAN (Faculty Advising Newsletter)