the Faculty Advising Newsletter logo August 22, 2012

 Certified Faculty Advisor program

Faculty may become certified faculty advisors by completing five development courses related to advising.

  1. AdvisorTrac 101
  2. You are my advisee. Now what?
  3. Financial Aid FAQs
  4. Helping Students Over the Final Hurdles to Graduation
  5.  Doing the Work of Advising through Transformational Leadership

 Completing these courses represents a significant dedication on the part of a faculty member to helping students through advising and, as such, deserves recognition. 

This certification remains in effect as long as the faculty member commits to continuous development by repeating both AdvisorTrac 101 and Financial Aid FAQs once every two years. 

 Financial Aid and SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)


Students may come seeking an Academic Plan required for their SAP Appeal. This means that the student has not met the Federal Financial Aid guidelines for Satisfactory Academic Progress, has completed an appeal and now needs an academic plan from their advisor to continue to be eligible to receive financial aid. This form should list the courses the advisor recommends the student take this Fall. This electronic form allows for copying/ pasting from AdvisorTrac into the form or vice-versa.


For more detailed information regarding financial aid and SAP, read more.


AdvisorTrac logoTip of the month

Mandatory Orientation and Registration PIN numbers

New students registering for this fall must have completed New Student Orientation, either online on campus. The final step in the orientation is an advising session, in one of the advising centers. However, many students are making their way to faculty offices to be advised and will likely need their PIN number to register. 

The PIN number can be found in AdvisorTrac on the first screen displayed when looking up a student. It is located in the field labeled "Condition Code/ Flag Text". In the sample screenshot below, the student's PIN number is displayed, 6356, as is the term that the PIN number is valid for,  "Summer/ Fall".


AdvisorTrac Screenshot