the Faculty Advising Newsletter logo October 23, 2012

Mandatory Advising is Here!

As we've heard and talked about for a while now, mandatory advising is here. Students must "see" an advisor in order to register for the Spring Semester. 

This is the Ad piece that will be posted around each campus, site and center. A variation of this piece will also appear on the main page of the web site, on the digital screens around campuses and on the screen savers in the labs.

Advising poster


Here are a few "nuts and bolts" items to remember.

  1. Advising can take place a number of ways.
    • in person
    • on the phone
    • in an e-mail
    • in the hallway
    • in class
  2. Students will need a registration PIN number in order to register for the Spring.
  3. The Registration PINs are stored in AdvisorTrac in the Condition Code/ Flag Text field (7605 / Spring) in the example below.


AdvisorTrac Screenshot, showing the PIN

        4. The Registration PINs can be sent to a student via e-mail by AdvisorTrac when recording a visit by clicking on the "Send notes to" button after saving the visit. 


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AdvisorTrac logoTip of the month

Since the main portion of the newsletter focused on AdvisorTrac, this month's tip is about finding and sending e-mails to your assigned advisees.  

You can find your list of assigned advisees in Faculty Self Service.

Once you login to Self Service, select Faculty and Advisors, Student Information Menu, Advisee Listing, then Term (Fall Term 2012). 

Your list of current advisees should be displayed. You can e-mail individual students by clicking on the mail icon by the specific student's name or you can e-mail all of the students at once by clicking on the "Email your advisees" link at the bottom of the list. This will open your computer's e-mail system and add all of the students' names into the bcc (blind carbon copy) field of the e-mail.

An e-mail that one of your colleagues sent to his advisees is available here as a model to use or edit if you so choose.  

Certified Faculty Advisor Program

I would like to congratulate the first group of eleven faculty to complete the Certified Faculty Advisor program! These faculty have completed all five of the training courses required for this new program. 

Delores Boland

Mathilda Doorley

Ashley Geisewite

Gwynne Hutton

Julie Lester

Nita McMillan

Angela Payne

Bridgette Smith

Garry Spencer

John Tyler Stephenson

Mahmuda Sultana

There are also several more of your colleagues working toward this certification and are one or two courses away from completing.