the Faculty Advising Newsletter logo April 5, 2012

Mandatory Advising update.

With early registration starting next week, here are few updates and reminders.

Advising can take place a number of ways.

  1. in person
  2. on the phone
  3. in an e-mail
  4. in the hallway
  5. in class

Advising and PINs

Students will need a registration PIN number in order to register for the Summer and Fall. The Registration PIN is displayed in AdvisorTrac in the Condition Code/ Flag Text field (7605 / Summer/Fall) in the example below.

AdvisorTrac Screenshot, showing the PIN

        The Registration PINs are to be sent to a student via e-mail by AdvisorTrac when recording a visit by clicking on the "Send notes to" button after saving the visit.

Important note! An upgrade is coming soon to AdvisorTrac that will actually remove the PIN for the student so that they will not need the PIN once you click that "Send Note..." button. AdvisorTrac will tell Banner that the student has been advised and to remove the PIN requirement.

 To do that, 

(a) enter your advising notes into AdvisorTrac

(b) Save the notes

(c) a new button will become visible that reads "Send notes to" Click this button to send the student an e-mail that contains their PIN. Please note: The notes you just entered are not emailed to the student


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Financial Aid Update


Most all of you have attended or soon will attend a financial aid SAP training session. In those sessions, we heard Lechelle Davenport ask us to have students see their financial aid advisor to ask questions about their aid, their SAP status, basically any financial aid concerns the student may have. Students have a financial aid advisor based on their last name and below is a listing of that distribution. Now we can tell our advisees not only to talk to someone in financial aid, we can tell them who in financial aid to talk to and that person's phone number and e-mail address. As this listing is updated, we will send it out.

Student's last name Starts with... Advisor Name Email/Phone Number
A,B, C, O, H, I Nell Patterson 333-4984
D, G, J Nikki Partee
F, Y, W Shawna Petty-Jones /333-5919
 L, S, T, X, Z Elizabeth Romagni /333-4470
N, E, Q, R Ashley Pickens /333-4452 
P, K, U, V Lamecia Goode-Fleming /333-5585
M Derek Clark /333-5193

Note: Even if the student's advisor is on a different campus than the student, the student can still be served at either Macon or Union.


AdvisorTrac logoTip of the month


Did you know that you can send a student an e-mail from within AdvisorTrac? Why would you want to?

Sending a student an email from within AdvisorTrac stores the e-mail in the student's permanent record. In this way, you no longer have to keep a folder of e-mails that you sent students forever in a folder on your e-mail account.

To send a student a message, pull the student's record up in AdvisorTrac. Next, click on History, then Messages. In the image below, you can see the history of messages sent to this "test" student account.

Send message screenshot 1 


Now click on the "send msg" button. The screen below appears. Type your subject, the message and then select, Note and E-mail in the "Type" field. Finally, click on "Send Message." Now the student has received an e-mail from you that is stored in their "messages" tab permanently. There are many additional functionalities for this feature as well, such as sending messages to several students at once, including attachments, etc. To find out more, plan on signing up for Advanced AdvisorTrac session that will be offered for the first time at this year's Summer Institute

Send message screenshot 1