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Advising and PINs

Students have heard the message that they need a PIN to register. Unfortunately, they have not, in all cases, heard the message that they need to be advised before they register.

New Feature 

In an effort to get out of the PIN number business, we are automating some of the process of clearing students to register from an advising standpoint. Now, AdvisorTrac will remove the PIN requirement (even if the student's PIN shows as a 0) for a student so that he or she will not need the PIN once you click the "Send Note..." button that shows up once you save advising notes for that student. 

To do that, 

(a) enter your advising notes into AdvisorTrac

(b) Save the notes

(c) a new button will become visible that reads "Send notes to" Click this button to send the student an e-mail that contains their PIN. Please note: The notes you just entered are not emailed to the student


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LEAP and Learning Support placement

Students are placed into LEAP, Learning Support, or college-level coursework based on the ACT or Compass exam scores in specific subject areas (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics). LEAP (Learning Early Academic Program) is the non-credit replacement program for DSP 0700 classes and Learning Support is the new terminology used for the DSP 0800 and DSP 0850 classes in English and Math.

The tables below describe how students are placed based on those scores.

Initial Placement

 LS Math placement table LS Readingplacement table LS Writing placement table

The Custom Campus tab in AdvisorTrac that we are accustomed to using to display that information is in the process of being updated to include the new Learning Support requirements. However, what is displayed there is not always accurate now. Therefore, please do not treat it as definitive. We are working on updating that support piece and will alert you as soon as it is in place again.

Continuing and returning students who needed to take or re-take the old DSPM 0800 or 0850, DSPR 0800, or DSPW 0800 need to register for the MATH 0810, READ 0810, or ENGL 0810 respectively.

Also, please note that students who need to repeat the Southwest course DSPR 0800 (Developmental Reading) should register for READ 0810 (Learning Support Reading I) at Southwest, not online through RODP; now TN eCampus. Repeating the Southwest course will allow them to use the access code purchased for MyReadingLab Plus and will allow their scores to be imported.

Additional information about the Math Learning Support courses/program can be found at

Students interested in bypassing MATH 0810 may opt to participate in the ALEKS program that provides up to six weeks of online remediation and re-assessment of their placement. Additional information about ALEKS can be found here