the Faculty Advising Newsletter logo October 4, 2013

No more PINs!

For the Spring term, we will no longer need to give students a PIN number so they can register.  We'll clear them to register once we've advised them by pushing the "Send Notes to.." button in AdvisorTrac.

To do that, 

  1. Enter your advising notes into AdvisorTrac
  2. Save the notes
  3. A new button will become visible that reads "Send notes to" Click this button to send the student an e-mail that contains a temporary PIN and clears them to register. This automated process takes between 10-15 minutes, hence the temporary PIN once registration starts.

Please note: The notes you just entered are not emailed to the student, just the note telling them they've been cleared to register.

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Getting students in early for advising

In an effort to get students to be advised earlier, and hopefully reduce lines that stack up at the end of the term and at registration in January; students are being and will be encouraged through mass emails and phone calls to take advantage of early advising. We can all help by sending an email to our advisees letting them know our availability to meet with them. One of the easiest ways to do this is through AdvisorTrac. The links below provide step-by-step instruction via a PDF document or video (whichever suites you best). Also, a sample email that one of our colleagues uses has been included.


AdvisorTrac logoTip of the month

 Coming Soon. Texting to students within AdvisorTrac...

Soon you will be able to send text messages to students that have opted to receive alerts from AdvisorTrac!