the Faculty Advising Newsletter logo August 18, 2014


Simplified SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress) form process

Students will be coming to see you for SAP plans this week for their financial aid appeals. So that you do not have to remember where that form is...we will be using simpler electronic forms to accomplish that.

As a reminder, students need to fill out appeals with financial aid for the following three reasons:

  1. 2/3rds - Meaning they have not successfully completed at least 67% of all hours attempted.
  2. GPA - Meaning they have not successfully maintained the College's minimum GPA requirements.
  3. Max Hours - Meaning they have attempted in excess of 150% of the hours required for their program of study (usually this means 90+ hours).

Use the following steps to assist a student in completing a SAP appeal.

1. Pull up the student's record in AdvisorTrac. (Harry Potter in this case). Click on the Documents tab.



2. Any other documents previously uploaded for the student will display. Click on the Upload button.



 3. The page below loads. Click on the Drop down arrow for Type and select "SAP form."  Next, move the mouse over the "Choose file for upload..."



4. Click on the drop down arrow beside "or use doc template:"



5. Select the SAP form the student needs. One is for 2/3rds or GPA SAP. One is for Max hours SAP. If the student is both, choos the Max hours.



6. Click the "Save" button.



7. Click Save one more time. then click on the link to the form (AdvisorTrac calls it a Survey).


8. The form opens in a new tab. Answer the questions in the survey and then print a copy for the student.



9. Scroll down and click on "Submit Responses."



10. The survey will save. You will get an affirmative thank you indicating it was saved. You may close that tab on the browser.



11. You will now see this screen again. Click on "Return to List."



12. The page now displays the list of all documents uploaded for the student, inlcuding the one just uploaded.