Course Master Copy (MC)

We have created a 'Master Copy' for each of your active DE courses. This copy is available to the course Developer to make changes/updates for the upcoming semester. The 'Master Copy' of a course will never contain actual students. DEIT staff may be enrolled as students for testing purposes.

MC graphic

'Master Copies' of courses will be noted as being Online (OL), Hybrid/Split (H) Tele-web (TW) or Web-assisted (WA).

Examples of how the 'Master Copy' will display in your D2L Course List

  1. Online Course
    ITEC1001 Introduction to Microcomputers (MC-OL) - C. Whaley
  2. Hybrid
    OFAD2610 Administrative Office Management (MC-H) - J. Kinard
  3. Web-assisted
    SOCI1010 Introduction to Sociology (MC-WA) - S. Haley
  4. Tele-web
    MUS 1030 Music Appreciation (MC-TW) - M. Scott

Please make all changes to your course in the 'Master Copy'.The 'Master Copy' content will be used for upcoming semester courses.