Office Administration & Court Reporting Syllabi

Syllabi are available for the following courses. Click on a heading in the table below to sort the table.

Course Course Name
CORT-1001 Legal Terminology
CORT-1010 Machine Shorthand Theory I
CORT-1020 Machine Shorthand Theory II
CORT-2010 Elementary Speedbuilding
CORT-2015 Computer-Aided Transcription
CORT-2022 Intermediate Speedbuilding
CORT-2025 Court Reporting Grammar & Punctuation
CORT-2032 Advanced Spreedbuilding
CORT-2050 Professional Certification Review
CORT-2070 Court Reporting Internship
CORT-2110 Court Reporting Applications I
CORT-2120 Court Reporting Applications II
OFAD-1025 Machine Shorthand Theory III
OFAD-1080 Computer Data Entry
OFAD-1110 Keyboarding I
OFAD-1120 Keyboarding II
OFAD-1140 Records Management
OFAD-1210 Microsoft Word I
OFAD-1410 Excel I
OFAD-1150 Microsoft Office Applications
OFAD-2040 Word Processing Transcription
OFAD-2050 Business Communication
OFAD-2110 Advanced Keyboarding & Intergrated Office
OFAD-2210 Microsoft Word II
OFAD-2310 PowerPoint/Outlook
OFAD-2410 Excel II
OFAD-2450 Desktop Publishing Using Word
OFAD-2610 Administrative Office Management
OFAD-2640 Medical Terminology: Anatomy & Physiology I
OFAD-2650 Medical Terminology: Anatomy & Physiology II
OFAD-2700 Beginning Medical Office Transcription
OFAD-2710 Advanced Medical Office Transcription
OFAD-2730 Medical Office Practice
OFAD-2740 Coding I
OFAD-2750 Advanced CPT-4 & ICD-9 Medical Insurance Codin
OFAD-2760 Law & Ethics for Medical Careers

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