Embracing Diversity through Online Discussions

Embracing diversity extends to diversity of thoughts, ideas and perspectives, all of which are borne out of diverse experiences, environments and motivations. Online discussions are a great way to promote dialogue that includes an array of different opinions on diverse and sometimes challenging topics. It is not enough to provide a space for dialogue. An instructor’s active presence is vital to facilitate discussions and promote critical thinking, problem solving and meaningful thought.  

This workshop begins with a brief look at the research that supports using discussions to encourage diversity. Then, using two different approaches (by two instructors teaching different subjects), the workshop will explore how to motivate meaningful discussions, how to move students beyond gut reactions and how to manage difficult topics and student responses. We will have examples of topics, instructions, grading methods, and (where appropriate) rubrics.

Theere will be opportunities for attendees to ask questions and to share their own successful practices as well as challenges.  

Additional Information

Concurrent Session - 1 hr

Last Updated: 1/27/2019