Tool Time: Quizzing in D2L – Question Library, Creation and Management

Presented by: Todd Blankenbeckler

  • Avg. Rating: 2.5/5.0
  • Number of Evaluations: 8


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The time allotted for the workshop was appropriate.
The content of the workshop was applicable.
The instructor was responsive to participants
The instructor demonstrated thorough knowledge and understanding of the topic
I would recommend this workshop to other faculty.


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  • Would be good for someone who has NEVER used quizzes in D2L
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  • few
  • knowledge of the instructor
  • The new area under quizzes for learning objectives was introduced. How to create a random question quiz.
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  • Topics needed to be covered.


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  • 1. There's not much new in Quizzes in the new version - for those of us who have been using it for a while the new stuff could have been covered in less than 15 minutes - waste of time for the rest of us. 2. Have the instructor introduce himself - it wasn't the person listed on the training calendar, and I have no idea who he was. 3. Better time mgmt - this ran over by 20 minutes
  • Shorten the presentation.
  • Go straight to setting up test and import and options. Sorry but did not like format?
  • The session went over by at least 20 minutes, so it should either be scheduled for a longer time, or broken up in to separate sessions.
  • The presenter needs to be clear and stay on topic. He needs to create questions in the library and then move them to the quiz. The workshop was far too long for the information we received. The examples were poor. The presenter needs to be very careful with casual comments about minority students.
  • none
  • Trainer was not able to stay on topic and not organized to be able to complete the tasks in the alloted time frame. He was 30min over the end time and rambled most of the time.

Future Topics

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  • already signed up for the rest of the required seesions for d2l
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  • none now too much
  • None right now
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