Tool Time: Calendar in D2L

Live Webinar
Presented by: Todd Blankenbeckler, Kendall Gloster

  • Avg. Rating: 4.5/5.0
  • Number of Evaluations: 8


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The time allotted for the workshop was appropriate.
The content of the workshop was applicable.
The instructor was responsive to participants
The instructor demonstrated thorough knowledge and understanding of the topic
I would recommend this workshop to other faculty.


  • The convenience of the webinar.
  • Meeting times are appropriate for my schedule and the distance from the campus.
  • It is a good online tool.
  • The prion to god it from home
  • The instructor(s) were well versed in the topic. The time allotted was perfect as well as the start time was perfect.
  • All issues that arrived were taken care of in a timely manner. The Wednesday night webinars will be scheduled on another day soon.
  • Concise
  • clear and simple to understand


  • Incorporate the calendar webinar in with the email webinar, as to eliminate the email webinar, session 7.
  • it was great
  • Nice job!
  • Yes maybe if the system would call your phone 5 minutes before the meeting starts
  • n/a
  • Not at this time
  • No
  • none

Future Topics

  • None at this time.
  • For some people: Banner Training Training for helping students register. Training for helping students understand how to use the online registration system. Training in mentoring. Training for retention. Training for grading rules and regulations.
  • na
  • Have tool time classes more often
  • n/a
  • N/A
  • None
  • at this time none