What is Pixlr

Pixlr is a lightweight photoblog application, based on photos from your flickr account. Pixlr gives you the possibility to easily present your photos in the usual photoblog manner but without the need of administering two different sites (your flickr account and your photoblog).


  • Simple installation and configuration
  • All needed photo information is read from your flickr account (including thumbnail, geotags, exif information)
  • Direct Geolocation display via Google Maps or Flash Earth or Additional placemark on Google Maps via Google's KML integration (since v0.1.4)
  • Flick tags support (since 0.1.6-dev) or Ability to show tags that you've set in your flickr account or Ability to search photos in you photoblog by a specific tag
  • Direct link to the flickr photo page
  • Comment function (local as well as flickr comments are displayed)
  • Anti-SPAM function for comments via Akismet
  • Email notifications for new comments
  • RSS 2.0 feed
  • ATOM feed with thumbnails
  • Simple overview page and about page
  • All pages are fully customizable via the template engie
  • Valid XHTML pages as well as valid RSS and ATOM feeds
  • UTF-8 support